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  • Chicken vegetable with rice
  • Seventh Avenue Salad

La Septima Cafe

About us

 In 1995 we opened a little restaurant on Parsons Avenue. We only had one dining room, a small kitchen, and a handful of staff members, most of which were the two of us and our two children! It was scary and exciting at the same time. We had lots of restaurant experience, but still didn’t know if YOU would like our food or us!

However, with your help and encouragement, we expanded and blossomed. We grew our staff to fifty and grew La Septima to success.

Fast forward twenty years... we had to say goodbye to that Parsons location and hello to the present location at La Viva Plaza on Lumsden. Once again, the experience was scary and exciting! Our loyal guests have supported us and once again encouraged us, and we have made so many new friends.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Our promise to you is that we will always work hard to make you happy. We know we are here because of you!

The Fernandez Family:
Dahlia, Ronnie, Jennifer, RJ.